Shopping for myself? IMPOSSIBRU!

Today was chore day so I went out and did a bunch of stuff that needed to get done before ACEN. One of the tasks was getting me some new pants.

As I am a NEET, I do not go outside. I wear the same clothes all the time – my pajamas – and have not really bought any clothes since my early 20s. A good portion of my clothes were gifts from family or friends. So I decided that I needed new pants and ended up buying a couple stuffs, some hoodies(?), shorts, new socks and of course the pants.

The problem with pants is that you can still see hips. I can usually get away with shorts, I think it is because the shorts are loose and don’t hug on the thighs. But if I get something bigger it ends up not fitting. I am a size 14 in boys and trying on a 16 is already too big for me. I guess it also does’t help that the shirt on the left is an XL and the right one is an L. I don’t really know how to hide it while wearing pants other than trying to wear a baggy shirt that is too large for me.

I also read that layering clothing might help but again… I don’t really own a lot of clothes that work with layering. I literally do not own a single button up shirt. I should fix that…

I have been slacking on the gym so I want to try to bulk up and see if it changes anything. Man, I can’t wait to get rid of my shitty, skinny noodle arms.

Also, I’m trying to grow my hair out so I can have a Cool Anime Ponytailâ„¢ but right now my hair looks ridiculous and unkempt so I’m really embarrassed. I guess I’ll just have to hide it every time I go out in public cause it looks super bad.