why did i spend so long existing like this? what were all those countless nights of staying up too late working, the times where i’ve shamed myself for taking a break/enjoying myself to go back to work, the times where i forgo eating in favour of working

to be..what? continually mediocre as always, some worthless speck?

why did i try so hard? i’m done trying. it’s all a joke. i’m done trying and i’m done existing in this reality

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Comic artist and resident blob creature. I love cute stuff, gore, and crying boys.

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  1. Your work is great, bro! Boys Outta Luck is like nothing else out there! You are EASILY one of the coolest artists I know! I wish the best for you, Shiro!~

  2. Hey, I hope your feeling better than you were when you wrote this, this might be my first time posting a comment, but I’ve been dipping in and out of these posts every month or two now.
    I just wanted to say that your not worthless. The opposite actually.

    You might feel like your banging your head against a wall, and keep making the same mistakes, but you keep going! Its really admirable! You’ve helped inspire me to work at being better at my art.
    One of the things that’s kept me going through the pandemic is going back and reading over old chapters of Wingless, its been a type of meditation. (None of this is pressure to jump back into it BTW, even if you never add to it again, I’m just really glad it exists!)
    The internet is a broken system, and its genuinely tragic that people who are genuinely passionate get looked over, you deserve better than that!

    I can only relate to my own struggles, I’ve got a massive phobia of social media, so I can’t even work up the courage to post stuff online, I’m working through that, but don’t undermine how much of an accomplishment even just building a small community is! The same with your art! You’ve built up a massive collection of work, that can be difficult to acknowledge because there is always more hill to climb, but you are better than mediocre!

    I’m not trying to invalidate your feelings or tell you to get over it, just that your work is significant to me and I hope you keep making things. Because the world would be a darker place without them.

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