My Projects

Being one of those awful creative-types, I have too much shit I’m working on.


  • Wingless: The Dovecote Princess [NC-17, Webcomic, Dark Fantasy/Adventure]
    • Naive, sheltered girl wants to be a knight. Learns very quickly life isn’t easy. Also makes a deal with a weird entity that might be a not good idea.
    • Running since 2014 but currently on hiatus.


  • Boys Outta Luck! [PG-13, Webcomic, Comedy/Slice of Life]
    • Boys who suck at life get into shenanigans with their terrible luck. Cute and gory 4-panel humour comics.
    • Released June 17, 2019! You can read it here.


  • A Petal Between [NC-17, Webcomic, Dark Fantasy/Psychological Horror]
    • Apothecary tries to find a cure for the virus that rendered humans extinct by delving into eldritch means. This is a Very Good Idea and Does Not Go Wrong At All.
    • Forever on the backburner until I actually learn perspective and how to draw backgrounds hahaha
  • Mirror Blue [PG-13, Game, Fantasy]
    • The RPG Maker 2003 game that APB is based on, I wanted to finish it for free download so people can see what a long way that APB came from!
    • I have to code like… 6 different endings still, bit of an ouchie but there’s no set date for this to be done other than SOON


  • Beneath Doused Stars [PG-13, Webcomic, Slice of Life]
    • Middle school kid can see when people are going to die. After meeting a fellow student who has two weeks to live, he feels compelled to reverse his fate.
    • Release unknown but it’s a short story.
  • Eidolon★Alice [PG, Webcomic, Comedy/Slice of Life]
    • A girl visits her cousins new house and finds a door that is always slightly ajar. After investigating it, otherworldly creatures come to pester her.
    • No plans for release, only have premise and vague character list, no storyline yet.
  • Final Prayer [NC-17, One-shot, Fantasy/Romance]
    • A young knight and the last surviving priestess of a demonic outbreak work together to deal with the fallout.
    • Put in the backburner for now.
  • Sorrowsong [???, webcomic, Fantasy]
    • A knight gets stripped of her rank but after a chance meeting with a strange cleric she is given the title of the highest ranking knight, along with many other responsibilities she shirks off.
    • A story in flux, used to be a serious story back in like 2010 but I want to make it more comedic.
  • Beyond the Ivory Bell’s Toll [R-18, webcomic, Mystery, Smut, Fantasy]
    • Necromancer witnesses a murder and strives to solve it, finding himself stuck between politics and the guilt of his own dirty secret.
    • Wish for it to be my first NSFW public comic. I lied it made it too complex lmao also gets to go on the backburner for having too much work 8)
  • Voice into Viscera [R-18, webcomic, Drama, Smut]
    • A priest becomes mute after becoming acquainted with a new member of his parish – a demon. Can he successfully destroy this eldritch being, or will he succumb to insanity?
    • The story is more simple than the other smut comic I thought of, less fantastical elements so it’s more palatable for me to create, but when will I have the drive??? Who knows.

He Who Shall Never Be Created:

Terrible remnants of my past. I wilt in shame.

Realm of Fantasy was what I consider my very first project of greater scale than just thinking of things and writing half a page of stuff down with scribbles. I started the story when I was 12 or 13. It was at first a writing project and it boasted of over 100 pages of nothing but utter shit, Mary Sue self-inserts, stalker-rapist love interests, and unlikable characters. Then when I got RPG Maker 2000 I made it into an incomplete game, and ported it into RPG Maker 2003 later on. It is so fucking bad and juvenile that looking at it and going through dialogue makes me want to set myself on fire. I remember telling my friend Leah the whole story and how we said it was so ~beautiful~ and ~amazing~ and… yeah. It had voice acting by some friends I rounded up and at the time I was so super sure it would be cool and popular because of this fact. The story was about a 16-year-old girl named Diephel who gets tangled up in the affairs of an immortal being named Calidence, who was the only good character that I’d like to salvage from this pre-teen apocalyptic sewage hole.

Mirror Blue was the next game I came up with when I was 15 or 16. It was made in RPG Maker 2003 and had its beginnings from a Ragnarok Online server I used to play called zRO. The game was filled with angst and bad writing, as well as me being an edgy shitlord about religion like an /r/atheism butthurt dweller. I might release it for laffs and mockery at some point, since the first part of the game, Hybrid Rouge, is (mostly) finished. It’s a story about an elf alchemist named Slade who brings to life a deformed fetus with the soul of a psychotic killer, following it in its path of destruction. Working on giving this justice with deletion of said CRINGE and retelling of the story via APB.

Lumiere Ragnarok Online was a Ragnarok server I worked on at what I think was the beginning of college. I hated how all Ragnarok servers were the same boring bullshit with no story and just grinding and same old gameplay, so I opted to work on my own server in a sort of highly customized role-playing scenario. I worked for years on it alone. I knew it would never come to fruition and no one would play it, I stopped. I still have it and sometimes play on it for fun because I made some damn good minigames if I say so myself. Anyway, with its death blossomed the start of Wingless, so it’s not so bad. It is actually the only scrapped project I can say I am, without a doubt, proud of. Wow. Such proud. Many code. Wow.

Blood Window was a story I worked on when I was 17, till the middle of college. Set in London, 1965, it was about a man named Allen who learns about celestial beings called Carriers, and he along with four other people discover they are these creatures. Bad blood surfaces between them. Paired with a murderous child, he had to choose whether to save the world from fallen angels, or team up with said angels and destroy the world. …Let’s not talk about said murderous child who was a huge Mary Sue… Y i k e s

Sorrowsong was concocted some time in high school. It was to be a completely original follow-up Flash project on my completed Alpha Blood Window project, but the sheer amount of art and animations it took was just too much for me to tackle alone. It was a fantasy story that revolved around a lazy and rude knight named Felice who, by a stroke of luck, ended up being paired with a very prominent cleric of the kingdom, despite her being the worst role model ever and despised across her city. Their shenanigans eventually lead to a sinister evil that Felice didn’t give a shit about because she ain’t no prophesized one and she just wants to eat and sleep. Eventually she overcame her neglected past and became a hero just as she always wanted. Thinking of giving this justice with a more humorous tone.

Lastly, In college, I had an unnamed project that branched off of my characters from the MMO, Vindictus. I wanted it to be a simple 2D side-scrolling game that looked oldskool, but of course that didn’t happen. The main characters were Eucharistica, a grenade-toting, alchemy-savvy Rochestian royalty wanted for manslaughter; and Sorrowsong, a brash, insane insomniac with a magic sword who was exiled from the Royal Army.