A friend linked me a post on twitter and in the little promo blurb directly beneath the post was a link to their comic. They said they make 40-60 coloured panels a week, and work 8-10 hours on their comic every day. I decided to check it out, because I was dumbstruck… 8 hours a day on comics?!

The first thing that hit me was how simplistic the art was. The lines were rough, the characters were flat coloured with a simple soft shadow over most of them. The backgrounds were composed mostly of CSP brushes that were laid down very quickly. Not that any of this was a bad thing, because of the sheer amount of content that this person has to output. The art did its job to tell the story and anything more is just unnecessary polish.

But when I saw it, I felt… relief. Like a weight off my shoulders.

I felt okay.

I have long fretted and cried about how long it takes me to make comics. Even when I try to “skimp out” it still takes me eons just to get four panels out. But this comic put it into perspective for me.

That person’s job is literally to make their comic. Like most webtoons, they have to sacrifice quality for quantity. I wondered why I sometimes spend 6-8 hours on just making four panels.

Because I value quality over quantity. It’s that simple.

It doesn’t mean my comic is invalid because I don’t post fast enough, and it doesn’t mean that that person’s comic is invalid because they don’t spend hours on just four frames. We are both equal in what we contribute to the comic world. We just do it in a different way.

Sure I might not get readers very quickly because I only post once a week and I don’t post an entire epic, my content is very piecemeal. But I’m okay with it if it means I don’t burn out, which lead me to another epiphany.

I fantasized sometimes about submitting a comic to be published by Webtoons. After all it’s very prestigious and they’re so special that they…gasp… get FEATURED!!! I thought it would be nice to get paid to do something I liked.

I am wrong. Very wrong. Much like doing conventions was fun at first before it became my job, nothing is fun when it’s a job. And I’m sure I would hate my comic if I did that – having to spend 8-10 hours a day working on it! It made me appreciate my leisurely schedule and not being bound by anything other than “make 4 panels a week.” I can work on it on my own pace and not kill myself over working so hard. It also made me have a newfound respect for those comics, who can somehow output all those panels every week.

All I needed was a change in perspective, I guess. I feel at ease. My comic is just as valid as the other one! Even if I do work at a pace I consider slow, it’s okay. As long as I keep producing content I like.

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