[screaming internally about ACEN and con stuff]

ACEN 2019 is in 4 days and I seem to be suppressing my anxiety pretty well. I have no idea how much stock to bring to an event this big but I’m not going to bring my button maker and I’m not sure if it’s a good idea or not. It takes up a lot of room in my luggage and on the table, it also means I have to print sheets of buttons beforehand and -HOPE- they’re used and not a waste of ink.

I made 12 of each of my popular designs and 6 of my not-so-popular designs so I’m hoping this is enough per day. We decided we’re just going to drive the hour back and forth each day instead of getting a hotel. No idea if this is a good move or not but we’ll see. The plus side is that if I run out of something at the con I can simply go home and restock the next day.

At Anime ZAP, I released 4 of my new meme buttons which were an insane hit and I sold out of all the ones I made (about ~10) of them in a single day. This is the only anomaly I’ve had where I’ve sold out of so many in one day. For comparison, at 2018 Anime Midwest, the highest selling button design was bought 10 times through the entire con.

I’ve also bought a new flipbook display for my prints and sticker sheets. At my last con, I had a rotating stand with prints clipped to the top and the idea was you could spin it and take the prints that you wanted to buy off of it. Well, that didn’t work because people were scared to touch it.

With this one, I hope that because it’s an open book, it’s more inviting for people to flip through and look at. The only problem is it does not show holographic prints very well because of the protective cover, so I think I should make a little sign that says “flip up the cover to see the holographic film” but it will probably be a waste of time because no one at cons ever knows how to read and everyone is afraid to touch anything on tables.

Another change of my booth is that I’ve upgraded from a 2-cube high display to a 3-cube high display. This does get in the way of prints on a 6-ft table but if it’s an 8 ft table (most of them tend to be) then it’s all right. But the rest of my table’s setup is just me going “?????? hmm will this fit?????? where will I put this??????” on Thursday and praying that everything will turn out alright.

Cons are scary and I have no idea how I continue doing this shit.

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