For a long time I was afraid to show how I draw pictures cause for most poses I use 3d models. I will throw away a picture if I draw the angle of something slightly off so using 3d to draw complex objects or poses has helped me make art that I couldn’t do before.

I was afraid that people would say, “You’re not a real artist if you have to rely on 3d! Real artists know how to draw X object from any perspective and angle!!!!!!!!” Sure, I agree that knowing how to construct an object at any perspective is an important skill for an artist but… that’s the thing, I’m not that skilled.

So that kept feeding into itself and I told myself that I’m not a “real” artist and etc etc… Even though I saw professional manga artists show their methods of using 3d (like the creator of Gantz to name one) I still felt like I was a failure because I’m incapable of coming up with X pose by myself without the help of 3d, or I can’t draw Y object at some extreme angle.

However after coming upon a comic that very, very clearly traces over 3d, I started feeling like it was okay to do it, to be able to tell your story. After all we all can’t be Kim Jung Gi so we make do with the tools we have. Sometimes though… it’s a bit too much… so much that it’s jarring… I won’t post a picture of the comic out of courtesy, but it’s basically as if I had traced the model down to the point.

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