Update on where Wingless is

2021 Edit: Since people keep looking at this from the main site, I should give my own update, please just don’t expect anything from me anymore, okay? I’m tired. I’m so tired.

All right, here’s the thing. It’s been difficult for me to get back to start drawing Wingless, namely cause I don’t have any fucking time anymore.

Reasoning is, doing cons is now my full-time job. My “full-time job” when doing Wingless used to be… well, only drawing the comic, but cons have started to become actually lucrative for me, so I’ve transitioned into it being my literal job. After releasing my latest product line this year (pillows) I’ve tasted the sweet nectar of Success™ and since then have attended/applied to more and more cons and will continue this upward trend.

That means that 90% of my time spent is creating merchandise to sell, leaving me little time to do any thing else. That also means that I have less creative energy to work on stuff related to drawing, because if I’ve spent all day drawing at work, most of the time I’m too exhausted to draw anything substantial or creative when I’m done with my work for the day. I already barely scrape by doing one Boys comic a week.

Now, I don’t want this post to be DOOM AND GLOOM, so here are some things that I’ve taken into consideration for starting up again, given my situation:

  • Because it takes a billion years to draw a comic, I’m probably going to switch to doing flat colours only for Wingless because shading doesn’t really provide anything valuable other than “it’s pretty” (which I’ve talked about in my other post why hearing that shit is cancer to me).
  • Building a buffer again will be hard so there probably will be a while between me actually starting to draw it again vs. actually releasing pages.
  • I also have to redraw all the characters’ reference sheets and stuff since things have changed in the past year and a half so the way I draw them is different now.
  • I’m training an “apprentice” to handle 3d model stuffs for me so I don’t have to spend time setting up scenes. We also spoke about them possibly doing lettering & colouring; though it’s tentative, and I’d have to create style guides and such for that. But, either way, it will take some workload off of me which is nice.

Again I’m sorry for delaying this further, I know people have been looking forward to it but I honestly wasn’t expecting this turn of events in my life. But I believe this is for the better for me, even if it does mean less time for drawing comics, because I can actually, like, make a living and shit off of being a weeb. It’s crazy.

The State Of: Wingless

So the only reason I have a vague fanbase is because of Wingless, I thought I should lay out what’s going on. Here’s the plan so far.

After Anime Midwest in July I am thinking of taking a break from cons to focus on creating comics. Generally it takes a month for me to recover from after-con funk (particularly a big one like this) so I reckon I will probably start drawing pages again in August.

However, we currently have like… half? of chapter 8 written, our writer (and myself) have been in a creative slump for in a while so he will probably need some time to work the muscle while I finish drawing the rest of what’s already written, so there may have to be a break in between.

We are on chapter 8 which I considered a fun, lighthearted episode. I am looking forward to chapter 9 which is when Shit Gets Real. Please look forward to it.

Because I plan to draw more comics too, Wingless’s update schedule may eventually change to every other week instead of every week. This is because I dont know if I can handle drawing APB and Wingless at the same time cuz of my wrist problems.

Also, because the comic is now on the lumiere atelier network, the domain winglesscomic.com will be pointing to https://wingless.thelumiereatelier.com/ eventually.

Since I don’t have the patience to try to port the patreon plugin to this new network, I will have to create/remove accounts via patreon manually. Which sucks for me. But trying to get the patreon plugin to work was fucking hell and i don’t think it works for multisites such as this… so, joy!

Lastly the patreon system will be getting a redo Some Day In The Future where you buy stuff with points you accumulate each month youre pledged.